Album: Poor Choices (2013)

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Song: Cop Out

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Hailing from the streets of The Empire State and Hudson County, War Story is a 4 piece Hardcore band that came together in 2013. With powerful riffs, meaningful lyrics and an overall aggressive sound, War Story immediately hit the studio(The damage room,PA) to record their debut EP 'Poor Choices' The 6 track EP covers all grounds from Hardship,to personal struggle,and the downfalls of society. War Story self released "Poor Choices" digitally in may of 2013 and made it available for free download (or pay) on websites such as itunes,spotify,bandcamp,souncloud,&more!! After receiving mostly positive reviews,War Story played their first show opening up for NYHC legends "Agnostic Front" followed by a handful of local gigs. With the foundation set in stone,the group immediately began writing new material for their sophomore EP entitled "Hellhole" and once again returned to The damage room studios in PA to begin tracking with engineer Kevin Pandele. With a date yet to be announced,the group plans to self release Hellhole by the end of 2014. That means keep your eyes open. Hellhole is coming,and War Story is growing! We're Under No Control!